Core Business IT Solutions

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Hosted Virtual Desktops

We believe our high-performance Hosted Virtual Desktops will increase your team’s productivity, reduce complexity, and ensure the security of both your system and your data - all while saving you money.

Instead of being tied to a computer in an office, you are now able to get easy one-click access to your complete personal desktop, including all your files and applications, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

And instead of purchasing a costly on-site server, your new Hosted Virtual Desktops will be powered by our private cloud network, and backed-up in our secure data-centres.

VoIP Phone System

RingCentral VoIP Phone Systems

RingCentral will revolutionize your office phone system by utilizing the power of the Internet to meet the communication needs of your organization.

RingCentral will make your business communication easier, and more flexible, by removing regular hardware requirements such as phone lines and costly infrastructure from your office, and putting them in RingCentral’s secure cloud.

We will deploy your Internet-powered phone system quickly and easily so you can start taking advantage of the flexibility and power of this smart, twenty-first century solution.

Hosted IT Solutions

Virtual Private Servers

Get complete access to your own Virtual Private Server to host your site or application; it is yours to manage as you like. Benefit from our extensive infrastructure, including our secure data-centres and cloud capabilities.

Hosted Exchange         

Microsoft Exchange is the gold standard in business email service. Highly-available, it is the answer to all your messaging needs. Get email, contacts, calendars, notes and more - on any device, and at any time.

Managed Web Hosting

Whether you are already getting tens of thousands of daily hits, or are working towards that goal, our Managed Web Hosting is a great solution for websites (and businesses) of all sizes and types.